The new update focuses on making your city grow outward via mass transportation -- not just upward

Cities: Skylines Adds New Mass Transit Expansion

The new update focuses on making your city grow outward via mass transportation -- not just upward
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In yet another addition to the already impressive offerings of Cities: Skylines, the new Mass Transit expansion is set to release tomorrow, May 18. Aiming to incorporate new features for the ease of mass transportation, the expansion adds new vehicular transports, structures, and achievements for players to utilize. This comes in handy, as the expansion will clear up more confusing elements of the current system of transportation.

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As players create hubs for their new transit methods, the game will ensure a clear and concise system of connecting cities in an all-new way. With each of these new features, however, comes more challenges as your city grows. 

New Transports For Better Travel

A car can only take you so far in a sprawling city, and leaving your citizens to the old daily commute isn’t as fun as it could be. The Mass Transit expansion fixes this, as it adds a short list of essential new vehicles for your citizens to use — including ferries, monorails, cable cars, and blimps. The different transports can easily be connected through a list of new buildings, or hubs, that will act as your main stations for passenger exchange. 

Additional Buildings, Bridges, and Roads

The buildings will be utilized primarily as transit hubs — because of course, you can’t have buses without a bus station! The expansion gives players the options of creating sprawling metro stations like that in a big city, or ferry ports for a more green and spacious city. 

The new building features also allow for interchanges such as bus-to-ferry ports (or vice versa) in a number of combinations. This change will really let passengers of your city transits flow from one place to another as they make their commutes or travel around. Getting to these hubs will be just as important as their function, so the update will also bring new roads, bridges, and even canals to focus on that same flow.

New Achievements, But New Challenges

While some have already gotten access and enjoy the new features, the game will create fresh challenges with the expansion as well. 

The addition of a less complex system of mass transportation certainly looks like the ideal way to travel, but anyone who knows a big city will foresee some obstacles. On the expansion’s Steam page, it says the new additions will add variety, but controlling the flow of traffic will take some knowledge. Improving on said knowledge will then improve your city as well.

So with a ton of new features and options to better mesh your city from one place to the next, gamers will be able to utilize more than ever before for transit in Cities: Skylines.

Mass Transit releases May 18 on Steam for $12.99. For reviews, guides, and more as you expand your city, stay tuned to GameSkinny!

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