Cities: Skylines Sunset Harbor DLC Takes Over Land, Sea, and Air

Alongside the new DLC, Cities: Skylines is currently free-to-play and heavily discounted.

Alongside the new DLC, Cities: Skylines is currently free-to-play and heavily discounted.

Cities: Skylines just keeps growing. 

Joining an expansive list of 28 major and minor DLC packs, the latest expansion for the Paradox-developed city builder is Sunset Harbor. Like Industries and Parklife before it, Sunset Harbor brings a lot of new mechanics and buildings to the table. And though the name suggests the focus of this DLC is on the blue stuff, there’s quite a bit for land and air, too. 

Starting with the oceans and working inland, the new fishing industry helps you diversify not only your goods and services but also the aesthetics of your coastlines outside of harbors and marinas. You can even dictate where fishing boats trawl by placing mini shipping lanes. 

New transportation methods, such as trolleybuses and the overground metro stations, expand your options outside of the typical services, and new transport hubs, connecting things like rail and monorail, bus and metro, mean you no longer have to build separate structures  if you don’t want to.

Paradox has even added a passenger helicopter service to transport citizens to different areas and free up roads. The aviation club brings a new entertainment and attractiveness option, boosting land values in unique ways. 

Healthcare and waste management get upgrades with new facilities, too. Though the press release for the expansion is sparse on healthcare details, the expansion trailer above shows larger, more varied structures, as well as a helipad. Waste management, on the other hand, includes a new transfer facility (as Paradox says, “to increase land value”) and ways to recycle wastewater. 

Finally, Sunset Harbor introduces five new maps with boreal, tropical, and temperate climates. 

The release of the latest expansion coincides with a new content creator pack, Modern Japan, and a new radio station, Coast to Coast Radio

Cities: Skylines is free-to-play through March 29. If you haven’t yet jumped into the best city-builder on the market, it’s currently on sale for $5.99, 80% off its normal retail price. All of its major DLC is on sale for 50% off. 

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