Civilization 6 introduces Greece in trailer

The next civilization in Sid Meier's series is Greece, with Pericles as its leader.
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Firaxis Games has announced Greece as the next civilization in Sid Meier’s Civilization series.

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The latest civilization will have Pericles, the “Athenian Orator” as its leader in Civilization VI, who was a statesman and general in Athens during its golden age.

Every civilization in the game has a unique ability; Greece’s will be Plato’s Republic, which grants the civilization an extra wildcard slot no matter the government it chooses. 

Greece’s unit, the Hoplite, is a group of citizen-soldiers outfitted in bronze armor who carry long spears and short, round shields. The Hoplite will defend against early aggressive civilizations using these weapons. The unit will also get a bonus when other Hoplites are adjacent to it. 

In replacement for the theater district, Greece has the Acropolis, its unique district. One stipulation for the district is that it must be built on top of a hill. When built next to other districts, like the city center, it will get higher culture adjacency bonuses. 

Following the guidelines for the Acropolis and allying with other city-states will give players the opportunity to pursue a Greek victory from the beginning.

Civilization VI will release October 21 for PC and Mac.

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