Civilization VI Gets Viking and Polish DLCs This Holiday Season

Civ VI gets a big update right before the holidays, as well as TWO shiny, raiderific new DLCs.

The elves have been programming in overtime this holiday season and have decided to give the good guys and gals playing Civilization VI an early gift today with patch updates for the main game, as well as a batch of DLC to make you feel all the merrier this Yuletide. 

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Winter Update Features

According to the Civilization VI‘s Steam page, there have been quite the number of patches, fixes and additions to the game with this latest update. Some of them include:

  • New Mechanics
  • Gameplay Updates
  • Balance Changes
  • AI Tuning
  • Bug Fixes
  • Visuals Fixes
  • Multiplayer Fixes
  • UI Additions
  • Audio Additions

Of course, these sections go a lot more in-depth on the Steam page, but you’re not here for the patch notes — you want to know about the DLCs.

Poland Civilization & Scenario Pack — $4.99

This latest DLC allows you to rule over Poland as Jadwiga, King (although technically a woman) of Poland who ruled in 1384. She brings with her the unique mounted unit, The Winged Hussars, as well as the Sukiennice, a unique building that boosts trade routes. She also has the ability to swipe land off other nations, similar to culture bombing in Civilization V.

The DLC also boasts a 60-turn scenario to defend Poland, Prague and Vienna from angry folks like the Teutonic Knights and the Ottoman Empire, who are up to their usual sneaky ways.

Vikings Scenario Pack — $4.99

The Viking Scenario pack adds six new city-states to the game, as well as a 100-turn scenario with plenty of exploration and coastal village raiding. It also includes three iconic landmarks of the old-world in the form of Ireland’s Giant’s Causeway, Norway’s Lysefjord and Eyjafjallajökull, a volcano in Iceland.  

All-in-all this some great DLC for those looking for more content and scenarios to test their mettle, as well as general patches and optimizations for all. 

Which of the DLC are you most looking forward to playing and why? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!

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