Classic MMO Dream of Mirror Online launched on Steam

Dream of Mirror Online revived for a Steam release.

Dream of Mirror Online revived for a Steam release.
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If you were into free-to-play MMORPGs in the mid-2000s, chances are you heard of Dream of Mirror Online (DOMO) at least once. The game boasted a flexible class system, colorful visuals, and unique crafting system.

Colorful, simplistic, free-to-play MMOs were a dime a dozen in the mid-2000s, and Dream of Mirror Online didn’t seem to be anything special to the casual onlooker. Five years after its 2007 release under Aeria Games, DOMO NA closed its doors in 2012.

A new publisher, Suba Games, stepped forward in late 2014 to get the game on Steam Greenlight. And now here we are: Dream of Mirror Online is back under a new publisher.

This bit of news may not be huge in the scope of things, but it’s a welcome bit of nostalgia for those who played this type of social MMO when the MMO/RPG genre was expanding faster than anyone knew what to do with. DOMO happened to be one of the least pay-to-win options back then, and that likely won’t change much under Suba Games. We’ll just have to wait and see as DOMO enters a new era on Steam.

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