Clockwork Revolution Trailer Shown at Summer Game Fest 2023

Here’s what we learned about the Clockwork Revolution reveal during the Xbox Games Showcase.

Clockwork Revolution inXile feature
Image via inXile

The official trailer for inXile’s Clockwork Revolution was revealed during the Xbox Games Showcase 2023. Rich with Steampunk wonder, the trailer invites you into a world of rebellion and anarchist revolution. Coming “In due time”, here’s what we learned about the first-person RPG Clockwork Revolution.

Described as a “miracle of progress”, the steam-powered metropolis of Avalon seeps with elements that will have fans of the Bioshock franchise eagerly awaiting its release. Within moments of the trailer, we see the gears turn back time, a call to the player’s ability to travel back in time using the Chronometer and revisit crucial moments in the game — or undo some damage when you get a bit too trigger-happy.

Additionally, the trailer highlights the consequences that your choices will have on the politics and surroundings of Avalon — for better, or worse. Every interaction will count, and cause a so-called butterfly effect on the city. You’ll be altering relationships with the narrative-driven characters, causing them to react in ways that could surprise you.

Clockwork Revolution feels ambitious and action-packed, and we can’t wait to learn more. There’s currently no release date aside from the mysterious “Coming in due time” statement at the end of the trailer. However, it has been confirmed that it’s a day one Xbox Game Pass release, so you’ll be able to play it right away if you’re a subscriber.  Clockwork Revolution will be available on Xbox Series X/S, and Steam.

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