Code Vein Demo Coming to Consoles in Early September

Xbox One and PS4 players can jump into Code Vein's demo come September 3, nearly a month before the full release date.

Xbox One and PS4 players can jump into Code Vein's demo come September 3, nearly a month before the full release date.
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E3 already feels like an eternity ago now that Gamescom 2019 is getting into full swing. As we expected, the news keeps coming hot and heavy at the international video game conference in Cologne, Germany.

The latest tidbit to drop is that we can expect to see a demo for Souls-like action RPG Code Vein arrive next month. It reportedly offers a sizable chunk of the game’s full experience.

Xbox One and PS4 players can snap up the demo and see what all the fuss is about on September 3. Unfortunately, it appears that there will not be a demo released for PC players, who are the odd men out for once.

The impending console demo will feature Code Vein’s character creation mechanics, the opening segment of the game, and the first section of the challenging Depths dungeon.

For those wondering what to expect from the demo, check out our full rundown of the network test back in June to find out just how much this vampiric tale might “suck.” 

Bandai Namco has also recently launched the first in a two-part series of character reveals, including:

  • Jack Rutherford: Known as the Revenant Hunter, feared by other Revenants. To carry out his mission, he has killed many of his own kind.

  • Eva Roux: A female revenant in a crimson dress. Having been rescued by Jack from her tortured past, she decided to dedicate her life to him.

Get ready to explore a cataclysmic world, uncover lost memories, and feast on the blood of your enemies in this third-person action RPG. Code Vein will officially be available on PC and consoles on September 26.

On the hunt for even more RPG goodness expected to land later this year? Check out our 10 most anticipated RPGs of the year, including Code Vein.

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