Colonial Marines Blame Game

The Aliens and gaming communities are in a rage over the hardcore fail of the recent Colonial Marines release; most reports give the game a 4-5 out of 10.

Though he cannot identify himself or prove his employment as a QA tester at Timegate, a redditor has taken to the /r/aliens subreddit in order to try and clear the air on what exactly happened with the development of Aliens: Colonial Marines.

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The community has been in an uproar the last couple of days due to the extreme failure that is Colonial Marines. If you read the previous review of the game, you would see a genuine fan’s disappointment with Gearbox’s finished product–and rightly so. The game was glitchy, the play sucked, the xenomorphs were less than impressive, and the story had no direction whatsoever.

There were a number of developing studios behind A:CM. Gearbox, who then outsourced the development to Timegate, Demiurge, Nerve, and Darkside.

And Gearbox then went on to work on titles such as Borderlands and Borderlands 2.

Now, these companies are now all trying to point the finger at each other, trying to place blame for the shitty product they delivered. The story isn’t 100 percent clear, nor is it important.

After six years, you would think that five studios could get their act together and produce a quality product that people would enjoy spending hard-earned money on.

Good one, guys.

Now, all teams are talking about patches, DLCs and mods to help build the story and the game. My recommendation to you?

Steer clear of all this bullshit.

We, as consumers, need to send the message that rushing an unfinished product out the door at full price, essentially tricking us into purchasing a game that isn’t anything like what they promised, and then attempting to make us pay more money to buy DLCs we should have received to begin with, is completely unacceptable.

Needless to say, people are pissed. And rightfully so.


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