The Dragon Quest tactics spinoff is a goo-reat, big first for the long-running franchise

Color Us Slurp-prised: Dragon Quest Tact Announced for Mobile

The Dragon Quest tactics spinoff is a goo-reat, big first for the long-running franchise

Final Fantasy ventured down the tactics road a long time ago, but we’ve yet to see its elder sibling Dragon Quest take the same journey — until now. Square Enix just recently announced a new title for mobile called Dragon Quest Tact. It’s scheduled for release in Japan sometime in 2020 for Android and iOS.

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From the rather limited information SE released, it looks like Dragon Quest Tact is more like Dragon Quest Monsters mixed with tactics. You control a wide variety of monsters on a 3D grid map and engage in turn-based combat. These monsters are drawn from throughout the Dragon Quest franchise.

That means we’ll see the likes of Sabrecats and Chimeras alongside Slime Knights, all presented in Akira Toriyama’s iconic art style — no Dragon Quest: Your Story CGI here. Yuji Hori returns as the game’s director too, so we can expect a full Dragon Quest experience from DQ Tact.

The button commands feature the usual things like wait and fight, but there are also Scout and Friend options. It might be set up like Dragon Quest 5, where you get the chance to woo and befriend monsters you defeat.

Unfortunately, there’s no word yet on a Western release date. However, with Dragon Quest of the Stars releasing in the West this month, we’ll hopefully see a Western release for this one as well.

You can check out the official site here and follow the game on Twitter as well. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Dragon Quest Tact news as we goo-rab it.

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