Compensation Possible for Driveclub’s Server Issues

Compensation for the server problems in Driveclub could be on the way for gamers that have already picked up the game, according to the game developer.

Early adopters of Driveclub have been dealing with a ton of server issues, but they may be receiving compensation in the future.

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Responding to a gamer wondering if there’s something such as free “DLC or whatever,” Driveclub director Paul Rustchynsky responded ambigiously that they’re “considering all of [their] options right now.”

The main issue with Driveclub is people are not able to connect to the server. There’s apparently a relatively small limit to how many people can play online. As of now, if the limit is reached, players have to wait until others get off the server.

Rustchynsky has been on defense on Twitter responding to some critics that have blasted the game for its problems. The developer says that there was nothing wrong during testing, and this was something that could only pop-up post-release. The server is fine, it’s simply the “server code having bugs.

A patch was released over the weekend to help with the issue, which disabled some aspects of multiplayer to allow more people online. As you could expect, this is probably the reason why the PlayStation Plus version of the game has been delayed.

Compensation toward something like a cheaper season pass for DLC content, or maybe some freebies, would be a good move by Sony and Evolution Studios to sort out this mess. How do you think they should handle the Driveclub launch woes?

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