Confirmed: Microsoft Will Purchase Minecraft via Mojang

The rumors are confirmed directly from Mojang.

The rumors are confirmed directly from Mojang.

Mojang’s website has announced that the rumors are true. Microsoft will be buying the Minecraft developer for a massive $2.5 billion. The largest shareholder Markus “Notch” Persson is expected to get at least $1.4 billion of that sale.

The front-page announcement goes on to share a few details about the sale in the interest of being forward and honest. Markus “Notch” never expected Minecraft to become the incredibly popular monster that it is and he isn’t interested in the responsibilities that come with owning such a popular franchise. The sale of the company will also allow Markus to pursue new projects that would be too difficult to manage with Minecraft’s needs always coming first.

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Development and support of Minecraft on all other formats is expected to continue. Microsoft will likely pursue development for many of their key products as soon as possible. The purchase of Mojang means the three creators will be leaving. Notch, Carl, and Jakob will pursue new projects of their own. The Mojang staff has assured their fans that they remain dedicated to Minecraft and the game will be safe and retain the support it has always had.

With the reassurance of the Mojang staff, we can expect to see massive projects like the recreation of Westeros continue well into the future.

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