Conker’s Bad Fur Day Creator Working on Wii U/Mobile Title

Work that magic, Seavor. Work it hard.

Work that magic, Seavor. Work it hard.

Christopher Seavor was the project lead for Conker’s Bad Fur Day and the voice of the game’s lead squirrel; but today, he’s working on at least project entailing Wii U development kits.

Seavor and Rare parted ways last year, and he has hence started his own development studio, Gory Detail.

So where is the proof that the legendary voice of Conker is working on at least one Wii U title? Seavor tweeted the following Saturday morning:

This is certainly exciting, but keep your pants on! The game, which he has dubbed “Dog Game” on his Twitter, is being developed for both the Wii U and mobile devices, with the primary focus on mobile development.

He also mentions that the game is definitely not a new Conker, stating that Microsoft won’t listen to his inquiries about acquiring the IP. Hopefuls looking for a new Conker game are going to have to take their search for a revival of the series elsewhere, perhaps to their imaginations.

Seavor has been dropping information on his Twitter all weekend on whatever the “Dog Game” is all weekend. Be sure to head on over and dig for informational tidbits if you’re aching to find out what this long-time Rare employee has up his sleeve.

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