Control (Or Ruin) the Nightly News in Not For Broadcast

tinyBuild's newest game tasks you with managing the nightly news in an oppressive political climate.
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It’s the 1980s in an alternate timeline, where the world rushes towards chaos. It’s up to you to figure out what news to broadcast, the order it should air in, and how to edit it.

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On top of that is the decision to censor certain words — or ideas — to keep the government happy, or not if you feel lucky. Don’t forget your advertising either, unless you want the station to go out of business. Plus, this is live TV. There will be problems, and you’re the only one to deal with them.

That’s the gist of tinyBuild’s latest game, Not for Broadcast, set to release into Early Access on January 30, 2020. 

Not for Broadcast is a crash course in the perils of modern media and media politics, though it didn’t necessarily start out as such timely commentary. Of the game, tinyBuild said in press release: 

Little did we know that, as we began working on it, the world’s political landscape would change, and just how difficult satire was about to come. It’s impossible to write a joke without it actually happening.

Though Not for Broadcast enters early access in January, a free prologue episode is available today. In it, you’ll be handling the switchboard, editing an interview with an obnoxious theatre star, and figuring out the best way to live edit a slightly drunken speech from the current political party.

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