Blizzard is getting mixed opinions on WoW's newest armor sets, which look a lot like Tier 6.

Controversy Over Upcoming World of Warcraft Armor Appearances

Blizzard is getting mixed opinions on WoW's newest armor sets, which look a lot like Tier 6.

This week a new patch hit the PTR for World of Warcraft. In that patch, the newest designs for tier 20 armor sets were data mined. The armor sets in question seem to be updated designs of Tier 6 armor, with the exclusion of classes that didn’t exist when Tier 6 was originally created: the Death Knight, Monk, and Demon Hunter. The armor set designs themselves can be seen here

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However, not everyone is happy about these new armor sets. Posts and threads on Reddit and World of Warcraft dedicated sites like MMO-Champion have been created to argue for or against the sets. 

Some feel that the new “reskinned” armor sets are just lazy rehashes that contain little inspiration: 

“I think a few people, myself included, got the impression that it would be more inspired than just a copy/paste deal, similar to how T19 paladin was inspired by the judgement set — CerealLord on MMO-Champion

While there are others who don’t see an issue with these sets being reimagined for new and old players alike: 

… They [Blizzard] said it was going to be inspired by T6. There is nothing lazy. They have been completely redesigned and upgraded in order to be enhanced T6 sets wich most people love. — Nemmar on MMO-Champion

Regardless of your stance, it’s a fact that these “new” designs and tweaks are dividing the WoW community at large. 

What are your thoughts on the new tier sets? Do they represent a bought of laziness on Blizzard’s part or do they represent a nice bit of nostalgia? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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