Copper Dreams, an Isometric RPG Set in an Unforgiving World

Welcome to Calitana. Cyber-espionage on the edge of the galaxy.
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If you’ve ever been in the mood for an isometric version of Deus Ex, then look no further. Your search stops here.

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From Whalenought Studios comes Copper Dreams, an exciting new CRPG turn-based game set in a dystopian future. The game will put you in control of an Agent of Asset Inquiries, sent to a distant off-world island colony where civil disarray is the social norm. Tasked with spying on competitors and other corporations, you’ll eventually discover secrets and mysteries that go beyond corporate espionage and warfare.

Currently, the game is being funded on Kickstarter.

Their seems to be a strong emphasis on stealth in the city of Calitana.

While it may sound like a typical RPG adventure, rest assured that the game will boast a variety of features that will ultimately set itself apart.

The game will feature:

  • An open city. Explore the depths and secrets within the city. An isometric, fully built 3D world allows for vertical freedom and movement.
  • Turn-based combat. Engage enemies in strategic, turn-based combat. Combat will also feature time-based executions that introduce another tactical element. 
  • Weapon modification.
  • Shadows and stealth. Noise, lighting, shadows — all these things affect your ability to stay quet. Real-time shadows and sounds are both dangers and aids as you grapple to get the upper hand.
  • Cybernetics. A torso shell to house the brain is just one example of a unique enhancement common in Calitana.
  • A variety of weapons, tools, and technology at your disposal.

Copper Dreams

Players can augment their weapons with more exotic and brutal upgrades.

And aside from these, the game is also planned to come with a variety of other improvements. Things like no health and natural leveling may seem challenging for your average RPG, but they really help stick true to the overall dark and unforgiving theme of the game.

If this has interested you, check out their Kickstarter and official website here!

Fortunately, the game was recently Greenlit by the Steam Community. So expect to see some further news and updates regarding its progress in the near future. 

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