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Corocoro has leaked again, and this time we got new Ultra Beasts, Rockruff's time-of-day evolutions, and more!

Corocoro Leaks: Ultra Beasts, a Werewolf Pokemon, and More for Sun and Moon!

Corocoro has leaked again, and this time we got new Ultra Beasts, Rockruff's time-of-day evolutions, and more!
This article is over 7 years old and may contain outdated information

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are quickly becoming the most anticipated entries in the series in over a decade. With the ability to transfer over your pals from the original Pokemon Red and Blue, a whole slew of Alolan Form Pokemon, and a progression style unlike any other, it’s clear The Pokemon Company wants to make this game a true tribute to the series’ 20th anniversary.

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Today, Japan-based magazine Corocoro has leaked several pages of its upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon coverage, and some of what is has in store is quite interesting.

Ultra Beasts UB-02, and UB-03

First up on the list is a pair of brand new Ultra Beasts coming to Sun and Moon. During the latest update from The Pokemon Company we became acquainted with UB-01, a strange jellyfish-like creature that was said to take on the nature of a young girl.

Today’s Ultra Beasts, UB-02 (Expansion) and UB-02 (Beauty), take on much more humanoid forms. Expansion seems to be inspired by mosquitos, and to the nightmares of trainers everywhere may be yet another Fire/Fighting type if it is to be encountered in battle. Beauty, on the other hand, is a little more difficult to pin down. I personally believe it to be inspired by various microscopic crustaceans.

Not many details have been revealed about the Ultra Beasts, but considering that both Expansion and Beauty are called UB-02, it’s quite possible that they are evolved forms of UB-01. If that is true, it is equally possible that they are version exclusive. They could also potentially evolve from UB-01 depending on various in-game events.

Judging by the fact that The Pokemon Company has been fairly reluctant on calling the Ultra Beasts “Pokemon”, I would also make the assumption that these creatures might appear as uncatchable boss battles. Considering Sun and Moon’s split from the traditional Pokemon formula, this might very well be the case.

A Werewolf Pokemon?

Remember how Espeon and Umbreon were first introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver, and how they evolved exclusively at day or night? Well Rockruff is getting the same treatment in Sun and Moon!

Depending on whether Rockruff is evolved during the day or night, it will evolve into one of the two above forms of Lugarugan. We don’t know much about either of the forms other than their appearance so far, but it’s safe to assume that Lugarugan’s night form will be a dark type.

I would also note Lugarugan – Night Form’s uncanny resemblance to the transformed wolfssegner class from Fire Emblem: Fates (seen here on the right), but that’s probably just me. That said, I will undoubtedly name it Keaton or Velouria as a result.

Other Cool Stuff…

We don’t know much else based on the scanned leaks alone, but there appears to be more information on Type: Null on the way, a Snorlax GX promo for Japan, and a reminder to ambassadors of Pokemon Sun and Moon that Munchlax with Snorlium-Z will be available for the first month after release via Mystery Gift.

While Serebii hasn’t said anything about the little blue area on the page, I would like to point out that Corocoro seems to have some sort of information on Pokemon GO and its connections with Alolan Form Pokemon.

Could plans of connectivity between Pokemon GO and Pokemon Sun and Moon be in the works? Maybe Alolan Form Pokemon will be coming to Pokemon GO in the near future? Only time will tell!

That’s All Folks!

The rest of the Corocoro leak deals with information about the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon anime season that is set to air in November. In it we can see some interesting little details. For starters, Ash’s Lapras appears to be set for a return, as does Charizard – perhaps to highlight the return of Kanto in the games. Also, James seems to have the misfortune of catching a Bewear which will certainly delight those who predicted it before.

Sadly, Serena does not have an appearance on this page. As such, it’s pretty much confirmed that the flair from Ash’s preadolescent childhood will remain forever thirsty…

So, readers! What do you think of the new Ultra Beasts? Do you like the werewolf or wolf form of Rockruff’s evolution more? What will Pokemon GO’s association to Sun and Moon be? Discuss them in the comments section below!

Also, be sure to check out my list of possible Alolan Form predictions! I’ve got one right so far. Maybe there’ll be more!

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