A tweet from a sort-of official Ape Escape account teases "exciting" news for the series in 2020.

Could a New Ape Escape Game be on the Way?

A tweet from a sort-of official Ape Escape account teases "exciting" news for the series in 2020.

A new Ape Escape game is something series fans have dreamed of for almost a decade now. That dream might just come true in 2020.

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The Twitter account Piposaru20th, aka the “Official” Sarugetchu (Ape Escape) 20th Anniversary account, posted an intriguing New Year’s message. Roughly translated by Google Translate, it essentially says 2020 will be an exciting year to share more franchise news. 

That tease could point to potentially exciting news about a new Ape Escape game at long last.

The Twitter account is mostly retweets related to the Ape Escape series, with a few teases here and there about a new game since the account was launched in June 2019. Additionally, the only thing official about the account is the word “official” in its name.

Though the account lacks the blue checkmark imparting legitimacy to its tweets, it does have Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan as a follower. SIE Japan doesn’t follow that many accounts except for influential figures in the press and games industry, including developers. Consequently, one could reasonably assume the Ape Escape Twitter account from which this news comes is trustworthy.

Still, the message itself is rather vague and could just refer to more of the same content as much as it could be a new PlayStation 4 game or even one of those elusive next-gen games we still don’t know much about. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Debuting in 2001 with the original Ape Escape game, the series went on to spawn two solid sequels on the PlayStation 2, before devolving into spinoffs. It all seemingly came to an end with the very badly received PlayStation Move Ape Escape, partly thanks to implementing motion control long after its heyday.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Ape Escape news as it gets peeled.

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