Could Bully 2 Be In The Works?

Bully is a step closer towards a sequel.

Bully is a step closer towards a sequel.
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You guys remember Bully? One of the best open world games not named GTA on the PlayStation 2? Bully is one of the few Rockstar IPs that hasn’t received a sequel to date despite being one of my favorites (and my opinion is all that matters).

Well prepare to be blown away ladies and gentlemen. Take Two Interactive has filed a trademark in Europe for Bully Bullworth Academy: Canis Canem Edit.


Alright, admittedly I pumped up a trademark a little more than I should have. Especially since Canis Canem Edit was the title of the original game in PAL regions.

***Stop stealing my rulers Jimmy***

HOWEVER: This means Rockstar is looking into making more content for Bully. Rockstar’s Vice President of Creativity (I can make up titles too, I’m the Head Writer of Spectral Photography) Dan Housler mentioned his passion for the Bully IP earlier this year. It’s too early to know exactly if this trademark will lead into a sequel or perhaps an update to a version that already exists. Either way I’m stoked to spend more time on the Bullworth Academy campus.

So, I take it back. I pumped up that trademark as much as it deserved.

What do you guys think? Excited for so more hijinks? Let me know down below in the comments. Just don’t leave any marbles… I trip easily.

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