Job updates on an Activision Blizzard exec's LinkedIn profile seem to have spilled the beans.

Could Diablo and Overwatch Be Getting TV Shows?

Job updates on an Activision Blizzard exec's LinkedIn profile seem to have spilled the beans.

After the success of the animated Castlevania and live-action Witcher series on Netflix, it shouldn’t be much surprise that other games might start receiving similar treatment. Other studios are lining up behind Konami and CDPR to release adaptations of their most popular franchises in the near future.

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While there’s been no official confirmation from Activision Blizzard as of writing, a LinkedIn profile seems to have accidentally unveiled that both Diablo and Overwatch are getting their own shows soon. 

According to the LinkedIn profile of Activision Blizzard Studios co-President Nick van Dyk, an anime version of Diablo is coming via Netflix, while Overwatch will get an animated show through a currently-unknown studio.

The relevant parts of the van Dyk’s profile can be seen below, but he says he is the “executive producer of Diablo, a TV adaptation of Blizzard Entertainment’s IP.” He goes on to say that with his “creative partner,” he “developed and sol an animated series based on Blizzard’s Overwatch franchise.”

It’s worth noting that developing and selling a series does not mean that the series will actually get made into a television series. From the sound of it, the Diablo show is much closer to fruition than the Overwatch series, though that’s purely speculation at this point. 

While we wait for more news on the Overwatch and Diablo shows, an avalanche of high-quality video game adaptations are set to release over the next year. Aside from the recently-released Sonic The Hedgehog movie, we’re gearing up for the impending Resident Evil live-action series, an animated Witcher film, and, of course, the second season of Henry Cavill’s Netflix Witcher series.

We’re expecting to have plenty more news about those latter three Netflix releases very soon, so check back often!

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