Counter Strike 2 Patch Notes 10/12

Check out the full list of patch notes 10/12/23 in Counter Strike 2.

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A new update has just hit for Counter Strike 2 with some new animation fixes and the addition of screenshots. If you had the chance to face the Michael Jackson peek by now, like it or not, this “Smooth Criminal” maneuver is getting fixed. Here are the patch notes 10/12 in Counter Strike 2.

Patch Notes 10/12 in Counter Strike 2

The latest 10/12/2023 patch notes that dropped for Counter Strike 2 are a great showcase that Valve has its finger on the pulse of its community. The unintended and highly controversial Michael Jackson peek that has frustrated some players is getting fixed. Furthermore, there are various extra bug fixes in tow with some welcome additions to the workshop tools.

Let us review the notes in full.


  • When a server disagrees about a player’s loadout, such as when a match starts during a patch, the buy menu will now reflect the server-authoritative loadout.
  • Fixed a case where players could clip through ceilings.
  • Made adjustments to character shaders to improve player visibility.


  • Fixed the “Smooth Criminal” foot pinning bug.
  • Adjusted team select and team intro knife animations to work with Shadow Daggers.


  • Various bug fixes and tweaks to Inferno, Mirage, Nuke, Overpass, and Vertigo.


  • Added “Player Color” option to “HUD Color” setting that will make the HUD match your or your spectator target’s player color in competitive modes.
  • Changed “Use Player Colors on Team ID” default to “Yes.”
  • Added “Large Player Count” setting to replace player avatars with team player count in the mini-scoreboard during the active portion of rounds.
  • Fixed a bug where graffiti changes mid-match were delayed.
  • Various bug fixes and tweaks to weapon finishes and stickers.

Workshop Tools

  • New Screenshot button – captures a screenshot of the game window and saves a .png file to disk. Using “Inspect” with the gray or green backgrounds saves the .png with the UI elements hidden and a transparent background.
  • Added Inferno and Ancient preview maps (workshop_preview_inferno and workshop_preview_ancient).
  • Workshop Item Editor – Integrated help system contains detailed guides when you see (More Help: Shift+F1) in the tool tip. These detailed guides contain important information about PBR color ranges, wear/durability masking alpha values, and much more.

Clipping issues and bug fixes aside, the constant improvements to workshop tools are a great sign. Furthermore, players who have utilized the Michael Jackson peek will be sad to see these notes. The move did impose an unfair disadvantage on players who did not utilize it.

Overall, while this is a minor patch note list, Valve did successfully address some known issues in the game. Check out more of our Counter Strike 2 guides, and be sure to share these patch notes with friends who may have channeled the “Smooth Criminal” spirit in the past.

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