Create and Manage a Mall in Another Brick In The Mall

You can create and manage your very own mall in Another Brick In The Mall. Vote for it on Steam Greenlight.

You will be able create and manage your own very mall in Another Brick In The Mall! The game is being developed by The Quadsphere, who submitted this title to Steam’s Greenlight to seek the community’s approval.

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This isn’t The Quadsphere’s first title — it also has a bullet hell game titled Icarus-X: Tides of Fire that is already on Steam for $4.99. But unlike their fully released title, your goal in Another Brick In The Mall is to keep guests happy and spending a lot of in-game money.

There is a sandbox mode where you can just fiddle around and build without goals and objectives. You can hire staff from a panel of applicants, being sure they fit with your needs and wants in your mall.  But some traits for employees may not appear until they worked for your mall for a while, and you may have to let go the bad apples who make the mall look bad.

Whatever you do, do not underpay your best quality staff! It can result in them quitting your mall and stop being as productive. In Another Brick In The Mall, you must also be sure to money manage wisely as well.  You may have to adjust your profit margin to attract more customers, turn a profit, take out some loans, and expand the mall progressively.  Make sure your shelves are stocked up often, as to not make customers mad and leave empty handed. Your staff can also clean your floors and make sure the building is not dirty as well. 

With so many simulation type games like this out there already, it may prove a challenge to be number one. But the graphics for this game are very simple, so I expect any kind of low-end PC to be able to run and play it — so that accessibility could factor into its success.

If you’ve always wanted to build a mall of your dreams, Another Brick in the Mall could be worth a look. Check out the trailer above and look for it on Steam Greenlight! You can also find the official website here.

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