Create Every Aspect of Your Dream Town in Life-Sim Hokko Life

We might not have Animal Crossing on PC, but we are getting Hokko Life, and it looks like a pretty good trade-off.

Robert Tatnell used to develop games for Sony and Lionhead Studios. Tired of making games about death, he’s embarked on a one-man journey called Hokko Life, a game that takes inspiration from the likes of Animal Crossing and Rune Factory.

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Hokko Life sees you move to a rural town that just so happens to be populated by animals who coincidentally need someone to help them turn their little hamlet (haha…) into a thriving, bustling town. Naturally, you fit the bill for this.

You’ll gather materials from the woods and surrounding areas and use those items to build other items for your town, take advantage of the workshop to design furniture (and more), and prepare homes for new residents to move into.

On top of that, there’s farming, fishing, bug hunting, clothes design — basically everything from the best life-sims on the market condensed into what looks like an adorable and relaxing title. Stardew Valley meets My Time at Portia meets The Sims

Creativity is key here. Hokko Life gives you complete design freedom for your town and furniture, down to the angle you want your cushions to face, with the idea being your town is entirely yours  however you want it to be.

Hokko Life is expected to launch sometime later this year, and its Steam page is live now.

On top of being the year of delays, it seems 2020 might be the year of spirited spinoffs as well, with Hokko Life following on from the soft launch of Temtem in January. Then there’s Cheesmaster’s Spirittea, which takes similar inspirations in a completely new and different direction.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Hokko Life and life-sim video game news as it develops.

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