Create Your Own PvP Combos in Brand New MMO, Endless Fury

NGames allows fans to create their own PvP combos in Endless Fury, an action packed side-scrolling MMO.

While many fighting game enthusiasts spend most of his/her time trying to memorize fatally strung combos, NGames’s new free-to-play sidescroller, Endless Fury, allows players customize his/her own. 

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Today, May 9th 2014, marks the enthusiastic release of this new action-packed PvP-based MMO. Endless Fury flaunts awe-inspiring graphics that focuses predominantly on player customization

With challenging quests, enticing boss fights, and one-of-a-kind, mysterious monsters Endless Fury allows players to create characters and fighting styles from scratch to explore this unique world. 

C-C-C-Customize Your Combos

Not only does this exciting, new MMO support the creation of your own playable warriors, but you also have total freedom and control over their fighting styles and abilities: 

Want to play as a three-headed wooden robot that’s proficient with nunchucks? No problem. How about a jet-pack wearing gorilla capable of launching a 500-hit attack? Go bananas! -Games Press

While all PvP is skill-based (to prevent buying accounts, cheating, or bot-ing), players can build their own combat styles by stringing together a diverse range of skills and moves which can be executed later during real-time combat. 

Whether players prefer a PvE campaign against demanding computer-based opponents, or a PvP arena named the Elite Stage where warriors face off against each other and watch their individual combos come to life via their competitor’s faces. 

More Endless Fury features include:

  • A variety of different game modes and stages including a quest-based storyline, challenges and more. 
  • Rotating daily quests that challenge players to climb PvP ladders, find specific NPCs, and defeat epic bosses.
  • Guild capabilities and challenges to triumph with friends.

Endless Fury is available now on the portal.

To find out more about the game, or to try it out for yourself you can visit the game’s website, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter.  

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