Create Your Own RPGs on Mobile with RPG Creator!

RPG Maker goes mobile, letting you build 2D fantasy worlds on the go

Tokyo-based Degica Games has announced that an English version of RPG Creator, a tool enabling players to build their very own RPGs, is coming to iOS on September 25th.

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In the vein of the classic RPG Maker console and PC franchise (which Degica Games also had a hand in), the game will cater to players who’ve always dreamed of crafting their own old-school RPG.

Players will be able to build maps and fill them with characters and creatures; all on the go via their mobile phones.

  • Use the Map Editor to build castles, caves, villages and more
  • Create events to bring the world to life; no programming experience needed!
  • Customize and personalize the game using a huge Database of sprites, items and more
  • Use the default resources or import your own for more advanced and unique uses

Players will then be able to upload their finished creations for others to play — and try out other peoples’ games too.

RPG Creator looks very much like a port of RPG Maker — and if it works as satisfyingly as that franchise, it has a shot at becoming the best RPG-making tool on mobile.

The game will launch on iOS for both iPhone and iPad, with a free to play demo and a full premium version available.

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