Creative Mid Lane Picks Win MCM League of Legends Tournament at London Comic Con

Amateur team 6 Pack Fingers beat Resolute eSports in this open tournament.

Amateur team 6 Pack Fingers beat Resolute eSports in this open tournament.

MCM eSports didn’t just host one League of Legends tournament this October at London Comic Con, but two. Once more hosted by Backdrop Gaming and sponsored by Razer, as well as the professional invitational tournament the day before, they also hosted an open bracket competition. Teams of friends who have been playing together for a while without professional sponsoring, or others who just banded together for a lark, competed for the possibility of a small cash prize (£500) and loads of Razer goodies and League of Legends Riot Points.

The final saw teams 6 Pack Finger and Resolute eSports face each other in a best-of-three match.

Match One

6 Pack Fingers had made some slightly odd choices for their team composition, namely Xerath for mid-lane. But despite this unconventional approach, 6 Pack Fingers seemed to know what they were doing. Although the match started off slowly, with both teams playing defensively through to mid-game, once 6 Pack Fingers decided to go in for the kill, Xerath came into his own taking down Resolute eSports’ champions quickly, easily, and numerously. But, speaking to the team after their first win, it wasn’t their choice of champions that they believe won them the game, it was Resolute eSports lack of imagination: their game was “too predictable”. But whatever the opinion, spectators noticed some incredibly slick, tactical, and consistent teamwork that would have certainly had helped.

Resolute eSports, however, reckoned it was their communication was what cost them the match.

We had a few communication problems, especially in mid-game. We did a lot of little things that basically gave them free objective. Some of us were going in, and some of us were saying, ‘back out.'”

Their strategy for the next game was to go with more comfortable picks, which would hopefully enable them to make stronger moves.

Match Two

Whilst choosing champions, things looked as if they could get interesting with Xerath being banned straight off the bat. Instead, 6 Pack Fingers chose another unexpected mid-lane choice: Pantheon.

The game started off much more aggressively with full-on engagement happening in the very early stages, perhaps because 6 Pack Fingers were bolstered by the confidence of their first win. Once more, Pantheon, although not the usual suspect, proved a good punt as his spear went through tanks like a knife through butter. Thus, it became very obvious early on that this game would belong to 6 Pack Fingers.

However, that’s not to say Resolute eSports didn’t put up a fight. There was the spark of some great play and teamwork from them mid-game that looked as if they could almost rescue it. But, alas, they couldn’t keep up the momentum. Furthermore, when pushed back to their base, they certainly made sure 6 Pack Fingers worked for their win.

As effortless as 6 Pack Fingers win seemed against Resolute eSports, casters Pulse (@impulsable) and Stress (@dignitasstress) by all means thought that Resolute eSports were still a solid team with potential. Their loss was more because of 6 Pack Fingers’ creativity with their mid-lane choices.

“The way [Resolute eSport] lost in both games was [because of] two very obscure and two very snowballing mid-lane champions. But there’s not a lot specifically that I’d say that was obvious that they need to improve on. Just the standard teamwork mechanics,” says Stress.

They didn’t necessarily do anything wrong. It was just because of very clutch picks, and because they threw those curve balls that they weren’t ready for; and I think many teams wouldn’t be ready for. It throws off your entire game style. Your shot-caller is going to have a difficult time deciding what to focus on. You can’t, from those games, really learn that much,” adds Pulse.

None the less, they were two entertaining matches to watch, and great fun to see some solid talent and potential from these amateur teams.

The MCM eSports League of Legends Championships took place at MCM London Comic Com on October 26th 2013. For more information about the expo, visit

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