CremaGames Promises Bug Fix for Temtem Problems and Lag

All is not well in the Archipelago, but fear not Tamers: Crema is working to fix all the Temtem bugs.

Temtem, the Pokemon-esque MMORPG developed by Crema Games and Humble Bundle, entered early access January 21. The bad news is it’s currently experiencing some significant technical issues. The good news is that Crema is currently aware of them and is working on a fix.

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The specific problems Temtem tamers are running into are actually quite varied. There’s the usual things you’d expect from a brand-new online game like server problems, lag, and long queues. Then there are some additional bugs causing some Tamers to lose their lovely little Temtem, not letting players form co-op parties, and some sort of issues with medicine items as well.

Crema has been acknowledging all of these issues on Twitter since early yesterday and said it’s working on multiple hotfixes. Whether these are working isn’t too clear yet, though Crema is still keeping a lighthearted view of things.

And that’s an important number to keep in mind. The game was inundated with over 20,000 players once it entered Early Access. Even with Humble Bundle’s help, Crema is a small studio. After a short break, the team is back at work reviewing bug reports, so if you’ve encountered an issue with Temtem, keep an eye on the official Twitter to see whether the bug’s been fixed.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for our Temtem early access impressions coming soon. In the meantime, be sure to check out Temtem‘s Luma trailer, as well as our growing collection of Temtem guides

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