Criterion Games Moving On From the Racing Genre

Criterion Games moving on from the racing genre, for now.

Criterion Games moving on from the racing genre, for now.
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The other day I recently Platinumed Need for Speed: Most Wanted and wanted to see what Criterion Games the studio that made the game was up to lately. I came across a depressing story that Criterion Games will be moving on from the racing genre, at least for a little while.

Through a series of tweets, the studio chief Alex Ward said:

“After over a decade of making racing games it’s time to make something new. It is early days thus I have nothing to “announce” or talk about

I am proud of all of the Burnout games. When it feels right we will make another one. We are creative people.”

Criterion games is best known for the Burnout Franchise and more recently Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and Need for Speed: Most Wanted. With games about break neck speeds its no wonder how this news flew right past me as the news broke on April 16th.

Before people worry about if this studio can do anything other than racing its safe to mention that they did do the FPS Black in 2006 with well received reviews. Though I don’t think well be seeing that for a while.

“No Black2 either folks. Volumes to tell on that topic, but will save that for when I get a book deal…”

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