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Critter Cove Invites the Neighbors at Summer Game Fest

Critter Cove is ready to set sail into early access.

Looking for a new cozy life sim to keep you occupied? The latest comfy game has been announced with Critter Cove and a new trailer. Published by tinyBuild Games and developed by Gentleman Rat, Critter Cove is a brightly colored life sim focused on rebuilding an island town. Coming sometime in 2024 for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, it’ll be available in early access later this year.

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The island town of Critter Cove isn’t what you have originally imagined when you first landed there. You’ll play as a castaway on the island, needing to use your salvage and building skills to craft yourself a sea worthy boat. From what the trailer show us, the best boat to start with is an old bathtub, fixed up with the most seaworthy salvage possible. Use those skills to fix up homes for the residents using debris, trash and more. Improve their lives while becoming their friend.

When you’re not fixing up the town, head onto the water. Explore the archipelago and help other shipwrecked Critters find their way back home. Kick back and fish under the clear sky. Dive under the waves and uncover ancient ruins, artifacts and maybe even a sea creature.

There are a number of ways to relax with Critter Cove. You’ll be able to check out all the different relaxation methods as soon as it hits early access on Steam. When the dates are released, we’ll let you know, so stay up to date with GameSkinny’s news tab.

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