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The mysterious Crowfall MMO finally came out last night to reveal its secrets — and it looks epic.

The mysterious Crowfall MMO finally came out last night to reveal its secrets — and it looks epic.

Over the night, Crowfall was finally unmasked to the world on Kickstarter with a nice 7 minute introductory video and a great description that shows us what the game is all about. The developers have finally unveiled their ideas into the wild, and it’s spreading like wildfire. Crowfall plays uniquely into the RPG and Strategy genres in a way we’ve never seen before for an MMO.

Their Kickstarter goal of $800,000 may seem like a stretch, but there isn’t a minute that goes that doesn’t see some sort of increase to their pledged funds. At this rate, it seems likely that they will reach their goal this very day.

Essentially Crowfall achieves this Throne War MMO through three main concepts: Time, Destruction, and Power.

Crowfall Throne War PC MMO Kickstarter

Time – Eternal Heros, Dying Worlds

In Crowfall, your characters are persistent but the Campaign worlds are not. Players all called Crows, and they travel from one Campaign world to the next to participate in a War of the Gods.

Campaign worlds are set to last for about one to three months, or until a winning condition is met. During the time, the world will cycle as if it were alive with seasons and nature and death. Through the course of the Campaign, the world grows more and more sinister as its consumed by a horde of undead dubbed the Hunger.

At the end of Winter, a Campaign ends and the world will go offline forever. Players can travel back to the Eternal Kingdoms—player-ruled lands that last forever but have a significant lack of resources—to divvy up their loot and plan for the next Campaign.

Crowfall Throne War PC MMO Kickstarter

Destruction – Everything Changes

Crowfall is a Voxel-based game that allows you to change the world as you see fit. Craft your weapons, armors, secure a running fort, forge player-made (or otherwise?) alliances and conquer the worlds of Crowfall.

Crowfall‘s Campaign worlds are procedurally generated, so there will never be a lacking of worlds and you should never fall to the same world twice. I wonder how far the procedural generation will go, and how deeply it could create campaigns in these dying worlds.

Crowfall Throne War PC MMO Kickstarter

Power – Your Kingdom is Your Seat of Power

Unlike the Campaigns, the Eternal Kingdoms are permanent and completely managed and owned by players. Monarchs could, if they so desired, divvy up their kingdom into provinces and allow other players to rule over those lands.

While Kingdoms are massive, with mountains, lakes, rivers, ancient ruins, and monster camps, but they have very few resources. To gather resources, you must travel into the Campaign worlds.

Crowfall – Throne War PC MMO

Crowfall Throne War PC MMO Kickstarter

Crowfall is described as “Game of Thrones meets EVE Online“. While this is a really lovely comparison, it gave me a really strong traditional Dungeons and Dragons feel. In Dungeons and Dragons, you have these epic Campaign worlds that are ever-changing and dynamic, which is displayed extremely well through Crowfall‘s Campaign system. This wouldn’t work well in an MMO without making the worlds temporary, and the developers do a great job of explaining why that is in the video above.

Crowfall Throne War PC MMO Kickstarter

Want to learn more about Crowfall?

They have constructed a nice and detailed page on Crowfall‘s official website describing the game rather well. It’s an interesting read, with plenty of links to YouTube clips for those who want to get a better picture.

Now that you’ve seen what Crowfall has to offer, what do you think? Is this the fresh start the MMO’s need or is this going to be another Elder Scrolls Online?

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