Anime streaming service Crunchyroll makes its Nintendo Wii debut!

Crunchyroll launches on…the Wii?!

Anime streaming service Crunchyroll makes its Nintendo Wii debut!

If you’re a Nintendo fan who chose not to upgrade to a Wii U in recent years, it looks like your original Wii is still going to get some more use! It seems as though you can keep that good ol’ 2006 console trucking along with the release of the Crunchyroll app.

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Crunchyroll announced the Wii app earlier this week, complete with an image reminiscent of Nintendo Power ads that tugged at our heartstrings. I mean, take a look at that beautifully nostalgic header image!

Crunchyroll is a multi-platform application that allows for video streaming of hundreds of different anime, such as One Piece or Attack on Titan. Free Crunchyroll members can get just a taste of the awesomeness without having to pay for anything, while Premium members can keep linking their account up to the new edition of the app.

I’m personally still looking forward to a potential Crunchytoll 3DS app, since I really enjoy making use of the Hulu and YouTube apps on the handheld! But for now, we can enjoy all of our favorite anime in glorious 480p. That’s sure to help reinvent the feeling we had watching Dragon Ball Z on our CRT televisions. But hey, if you still love your Wii and haven’t gotten Nintendo’s latest home console yet, then definitely consider checking it out!

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