Crusader Kings 3 Adding RPG Elements With Revamped Lifestyles

Fan favorite Lifestyles are returning, along with a few new faces, in a revamped system that adds more roleplaying elements to Crusader Kings 3.

Looks like Crusader Kings 3 is going to see the injection of a major roleplaying element with an updated Lifestyle System, which is the subject of this month’s development update.

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At this stage in development, there are now these five Lifestyle categories, which all include three different skill trees:

  • Diplomacy
  • Martial
  • Stewardship
  • Intrigue
  • Learning

After selecting a Lifestyle, players will move onto a specific focus within that category. Lifestyle Events will then pop up from time to time based around that focus. Here’s what the developers had to say about the changes:

The lifestyles of CK3 have very little in common with those in CK2. The system has been changed and is vastly improved and much more interactive than CK2’s system. In fact, we have proper skill trees now, much like those you would find in an RPG.

You will gather experience and unlock perks, which conveys all kinds of bonuses to your character! This allows you to tailor your character to your needs, immerse yourself in their story, and provides a lot of replayability, as it’s not only about what perks you get, but also when you get them.

Further info can be found in the development video update above. Crusader Kings 3 is currently expected for a 2020 release date, although we don’t have a specific launch window at this time.

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