Cryptic and Perfect World Found a New Seattle Based Studio

Cryptic North, a new studio being founded by Cryptic, finds it home in Seattle.

Cryptic North, a new studio being founded by Cryptic, finds it home in Seattle.

Amidst news of large game development companies shutting down studios, it’s nice to hear that some in the industry are able to do just the opposite. Cryptic Studios, (known for Champions Online, Star Trek Online, and the upcoming MMO, Neverwinter) with their parent company Perfect World will be founding a new studio in Seattle Washington dubbed Cryptic North.

In an interview with Gamasutra, Russel Williams, co-founder of Flying Lab Software and upcoming director of Cryptic North, alongside Cryptic Studios CEO Jack Emmert, discussed the new Seattle studio’s future. When asked why Cryptic and Perfect World decided to open a new studio, Emmert replied

“We just launched the Legacy of Romulus expansion to Star Trek Online and our Neverwinter Open Beta. Huge efforts for us. It’s easy, as a studio, to get focused on a task to the exclusion of all else. Russell and his team give us perspective and allow us to better diversify. That’s important for any developer.”

Cryptic North (Formerly Flying Lab Software) will primarily be working on Champions online, Star Trek Online, and the upcoming Dungeons and Dragons MMO, Neverwinter (releasing June 20th).


Screen shot from Cryptic Studio’s upcoming MMO Neverwinter

Honestly, I am presently surprised by this news. Historically the gaming industry has been highly competitive; the MMO industry even more so. Knowing this, it’s wonderful to see companies expanding, providing job opportunities and a higher quality of game.


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