If you ever wanted to breed dogs and learn cryptocurrency at the same time, now's your chance!

CryptoPups Mixes the Pokemon Daycare with Cryptocurrency

If you ever wanted to breed dogs and learn cryptocurrency at the same time, now's your chance!

The cryptocurrency phenomenon, while interesting, is very polarizing. This might be an obvious statement, but the phenomenon has been somewhat soured with the recent shutdown of Bitconnect and the fluctuating price of Bitcoin. This also means that it’s impossible to escape the discussion, even in video games. This is shown with the emerging “blockchain” genre and its newest title: CryptoPups.

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The game, currently on presale, has players collect and breed dogs that they can trade or keep. Thanks to the game’s use of digital currency (specifically Ethereum), each dog has monetary value whilst making these trades safe and trackable. 

Loki Studios, the creators of CryptoPups, promises to not mess with the market, stating in the official press release: 

“Thanks to the blockchain technology, the development team are prohibited from having puppies themselves and are not able to tamper with the ‘ecosystem’ of the economy in any way, allowing players to feel safe in their investment.”

The studio also expressed hope for the genre as a whole, stating:

“We believe blockchain games will be an ever growing market and will not only attract people familiar with things like cryptocurrencies but will seek to bring in newcomers and help them learn about the technology behind things like Bitcoin and Ether.”

This pre-sale ends on Feburary 11th, and there are only 2,000 puppies that will be sold. Only two puppies can be sold per wallet, and a single puppy costs 0.01eth. 

What do you think about this genre? Let me know in the comments — I’d love to hear your opinion. 

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