Crytek Mentions “Worldwide” in Monster Hunter Online Press Release

Localize it! Come on, do it!

Localize it! Come on, do it!

Monster Hunter Online, I choose you! To be localized and see a worldwide release so we don’t get left out this time. Yeah!

Crytek themselves have announced the new Monster Hunter MMO as a collaboration between Tencent Games and Capcom, which we already knew. What does this have to do with Crytek? Well, good sirs, Monster Hunter Online will be using CryEngine 3 — which is another thing we already knew.

So what’s the point of this article, anyway? It seems like I don’t have anything new to share, except this snippet from their most recent press release, in which Crytek’s Areil Cai states the following:

“CryENGINE 3 is the perfect fit for the series, and will ensure Tencent Games and Capcom are well equipped to make Monster Hunter Online the groundbreaking MMORPG experience fans worldwide are eagerly anticipating.”

The keyword above is “worldwide”.

Does this confirm an international release after the game goes through its testing and launch in China? Who knows, but this gives me some hope that we just may see Monster Hunter Online on this side of the Pacific after all.

Finally, here are some more screenshots from the official site to get you all excited. Check out our other article on MHO (with more screenshots) and this post on the PC Gamer forums with some nifty information. Let’s hope the “worldwide” actually meant something.

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