Thankfully, the R8 Revolver has been nerfed. But has it been nerfed enough?

CS:GO R8 Revolver nerfed but still kind of broken

Thankfully, the R8 Revolver has been nerfed. But has it been nerfed enough?
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Earlier this week, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive released a winter update that included some less-than-amazing additions to the game. Included in that update was the R8 Revolver, which could one-shot anyone in the torso and had pinpoint accuracy even when moving. Its only drawback was its drawback length after each bullet fired.

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Three days later, it was nerfed.

Basically, the R8 is the golden gun’s spiritual successor

The official announcement on the Counter-Strike blog said that they reduced the damage and lengthened the drawback time, which is great. But is it enough?

Not according to CS:GO fans on Reddit. The common complaint is that the R8 still has ridiculous accuracy while running and jumping and that it’s priced too low at $850. Here are the exact numbers.

  • Damage 115 -> 86
  • Spread 0.48 -> 0.52
  • Charge Time for Left Click 0.3333 seconds -> 0.4 seconds

In other words, the gun can’t be used for easy one-shots anymore, but getting a blind shot around a corner is still pretty easy thanks to the movement accuracy. Still, it’s enough to smurf some noobs, right?

I was kidding. Please don’t smurf noobs. Instead, check out Gameskinny’s CS:GO content!

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