Cube World coming back to life

Updates are coming back to Cube World.

Updates are coming back to Cube World.
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Anyone who loves voxel-based RPGs will be happy to hear that Cube World is now receiving updates once again. The creator of Cube World, Wolfram von Funck, stopped sending updates for the game on July 23, 2013. A year after that, he stopped posting on Twitter in July 2014, leaving fans with a cliffhanger about a quest mode he had just added to the game.

Beginning on October 10th, however, Wolfram started tweeting about new music and characters added to Cube World.

Some pictures posted to Twitter suggest new factions such as the Cult of Doom and the Order of Light. So it looks like we’ll ability to join factions for a possible story quest, and fight against a mutual enemy called the Steel Empire. The main story may first involve a fight between the factions that you can join. Then all the factions are forced to fight together against a mutual enemy that is invading their realms. Quests that are already in Cube World may be built upon as well. 

Even with the new additions and the possibility for even more, is there anyone who will play Cube World again? Or did Wolfram’s dead air ruin his chances? I believe there are still willing players, even though it’s probably fewer than before. There is one thing for sure: once the players of Cube World find out that it has come back and was updated, they’ll at least have to take a look at the new game.

All those who want to join in on the Cube World experience will have to wait until further notice. Even though the game is a free alpha, creating a new account has been disabled. And you have to have an account in order to play.

Source: Twitter, Picroma, Reddit

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