Curiosity: What’s inside the cube? We’re about to find out!

It's like r/whatsinthisthing, but the computer version.

It's like r/whatsinthisthing, but the computer version.

A glorious weekend is upon us. The sun is shining, people in the UK have Monday off work, and the mysterious Curiosity game is nearing an end.

Released by Peter Molyneux’s (of Fable and Black and White fame) mobile gaming company 22 Cans last November, Curiosity is, to put into simple words, a distraction. Players who log in are shown an enormous cube (usually with some art covering its surface) which in itself is made up of an ungodly amount of mini-cubelets. When players click them, they vanish, giving them a coin they can spend in the shop, with the worth of each cube growing with every subsequent click. When an entire layer of cubelets is destroyed, players are allowed to progress further into the cube.

The entire premise of the game, although simple enough, has received an enormous amount of press thanks to Mr. Molyneux’s statement that what’s inside is, in his words ‘life-changingly amazing by any definition’.

Delusions of grandeur aside, the game was released to a load of problems. One being that the servers were not prepared to hold so many people at one time (which is what happens when you tell the world that your game will change their lives, Mr. Molyneux). It also didn’t help that Curiosity was the name of the groundcraft that was sending pictures back from Mars around that time – just imagine the confused looks of people trying to look up the word on Twitter and Google.

As the months passed on, the game has seen significant improvements, with a better hosting server and thought-provoking artwork. There was even an instance where it promoted their Kickstarter game Godus. The game brought in hammers that can break through more cubelets at a time, and ‘badgers’ that bounce around breaking up cubes as they go.

Now today the cube itself has a timer on it, counting down till the last layer of cubelets is released. At the time of writing this it seems there are only six layers left, so we will update this information as time passes.

Until then, Curiosity is available for free on iPhone and Android. Micro-transactions are built into the game. Go break some cubes.


Update: Only 2 layers remaining! Soon…

UPDATE: It’s done! And here it is!


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