Curse of Naxxramas Goes Live Today

Hearthstone's newest expansion goes live today!

Hearthstone's newest expansion goes live today!

Blizzard has released the much anticipated expansion to its highly popular free to play card game, Hearthstone. If you already have Hearthstone installed on your computer all you’ll need to do is start the launcher and the game will take care of the rest for you. 

The following five wings will be available for gamers to play: 

  • The Arachnid Quarter– A web choked maze filled with many legged-minions. 
  • The Plague Quarter– Necromancers brew deadly plagues while a fungal monstrosity lies in wait. 
  • The Military Quarter– Tireless undead knights perfect their deadly arts within these chambers. 
  • The Construct Quarter– Abominations stitched together from the Scourge’s victims stomp through these slime soaked halls. 
  • Frostwyrm Lair– Chilly abode of Sapphiron and the arch-lich Kel’thuzad himself. 

The different quarters can be bought individually using either real money or the in game currency of gold. Starting today and lasting through the rest of the month, The Arachnid Quarter will be free to all players. The other quarters of Naxxaramas will be released each week over the course of the next five weeks. 

There will be a total of 30 new cards added to Hearthstone players can unlock once all of the quarters are released. Despite “The Curse of Naxxramas” being a single player expansion, the cards earned playing it can be used in any play mode. 

The expansion also includes a Heroic Mode which will allow players to play through the quarters again on a harder difficulty once they’ve cleared them on normal mode. Players that test their mettle on Heroic Mode will find sweeter loot rewards to compensate them for their frustrations. 

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