Oh my god the Zerglings! Look at their little chompy mouths!

Cute But Deadly: Carbot Animations Crowdfunding “StarCrafts” SC2 Arcade Mod

Oh my god the Zerglings! Look at their little chompy mouths!
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Visual overhaul mods are really cool. There’s a mod that makes Starcraft II look like a new installment in the Warcraft series. There’s a mod that makes Watch_Dogs look… well… the way it was supposed to look. And now, there’s a mod on the horizon that makes Starcraft II look and feel like something out of a Newgrounds cartoon, and I think that’s pretty awesome.

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StarCrafts is an animated YouTube series by Jonathan Burton of Carbot Animations, whose artistic style is akin to something out of a Dan Paladin flash game (his zerglings remind me of Alien Hominid). The goal of “the Starcrafts mod” is to bring that art style to the game, converting all of the game’s assets to match the theme of the cartoon.

Making a mod of this scale, however, will be no simple task. To replace the game’s 3D assets with 2D art, Burton will have to design new sprites to overlay over each of the game’s structures and units, drawing every frame by hand. To accomplish this task, Carbot Animations has taken to IndieGogo in order to crowdfund the project. Once completed, “the Starcrafts mod” will be available for free in the SC2 arcade.

For more information, and to support Carbot Animations, please check out the IndieGogo page.

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