Huge news for Kingdom Hearts 3 from D23!

D23 Kingdom Hearts 3 announcements

Huge news for Kingdom Hearts 3 from D23!
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D23 Disney Interactive panel started the show off with exciting and amazing news on the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3! It was revealed that Sora can use the new Attraction Flow attacks at anytime. It was speculated to work like reaction commands, but you can use any of the different Attraction Flow attacks when ever the conditions for a specific one are met. 

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The next big announcement that was made about the Keyblade transformations. At E3, the new gameplay trailer had revealed Keyblade transformations, an awesome power that hasn’t been seen since Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. It’s been confirmed all of Sora’s Keyblades will have transformations and each will be vastly different from the last. Just imagine a Keyblade transformation for the Ultima Weapon!

The last but biggest news of all was the confirmation of a brand new world. The newest Disney world to join the ever-expanding Kingdom Hearts universe is Big Hero 6! The producer of Tangled and Big Hero 6, Ray Conli explained that Kingdom Hearts 3 will visit the world of Big Hero 6 after the events of the movie.

This is exciting, as many fans have wished for this movie to be added. It has the right touch of futuristic technology and amazing characters like Baymax. Director of Kingdom Hearts 3 Tetsuya Nomura created and shared concept art of Sora and Baymax in battle at the panel. This looks amazing, and will only make fans more anxious to play the game. D23 started off with a bang, and we can now look forward to the Kingdom Hearts fan-event during D23 Japan on November 3rd.

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