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Dark and Darker Patch Notes for Early Access Hotfix #14 (September 28)

Hotfix #14 brings a lot more to Dark and Darker than just bug fixes. Here are the patch notes.

Extraction dungeon crawler Dark and Darker received a hotfix to address some issues with the most recent patch, including technical issues and some balancing changes. The list of contents is much shorter than Patch #1, but still pretty impactful. Rogue and Bard players in particular will be glad to see some buffs. Let’s get into the Dark and Darker patch notes for September 28.

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Dark and Darker Patch Notes — Hotfix #14 Details

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed a rollback issue where players would revert to a previous state when exiting a dungeon.
  • Fixed Occultist Boots movement speed.
  • Fixed an issue where Curse of Pain’s instant damage would not occur when the Warlock uses Curse Mastery.
  • Fixed an issue where Power of Sacrifice could not deal damage when the Warlock uses Curse Mastery.
  • Lantern/Torch additional movement speed has been adjusted to 0.
  • Lanterns can now appear with random modifiers at the higher rarities.
  • Damage for all daggers has been slightly increased.
  • Rogue’s Trap Detection range has been increased from 400 → 450.
  • Rogue’s Jokester range has been increased from 350 → 450.
  • Rogue’s Ambush physical damage bonus changed from 30% → 50%.
  • Rogue’s Weak Point attack armor rating reduction has been changed from 25% → 30%, and the duration has been changed from 3s → 4s.
  • Ranger’s Chase range has been increased from 400 → 450.
  • Bard’s Warsong range has been increased from 350 → 450.
  • Bard’s Story Teller range has been increased from 350 → 450.
  • Jack-O-Lantern has returned.
  • Regular merchants no longer sell Epic items.
  • The random modifier properties that appear on the colored rarity items have been reverted to give the much larger value range and larger variety including the +all attributes from before the previous patch. This means that checking the rolls for your items means just as much or more than just the color grade of the item.
  • Sub-bosses and Special Chests such as the Lion’s Head, Golden Chests, Marvelous, and Royal Coffins will always give colored grade loot now.
  • Soulreaper name changed to Soulscraper.

What’s missing from the Patch #1:

  • The volume of footsteps that occur when walking crouched has been slightly reduced.
  • Barbarian’s Ironwill now ignores knockback.

Those are the patch notes for Dark and Darker Hotfix #14. Thankfully no wipe this time, hopefully there won’t be another for a long time to come. Check out our library of Dark and Darker guides here on GameSkinny.

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