Dark Origins – Might and Magic Heroes VI: Shades of Darkness crawls from beneath the depths to the PC

Get your dark side on.


It seems Ubisoft’s development team has been working overtime on their standalone expansions lately. After what will most likely be a popular release of Farcry 3: Blood dragon, comes Might and Magic Heroes: Shades of Darkness for the PC.

Originally slated for release in February, Shades of Darkness comes with two immersive campaigns in the world of Ashen, led by Dark Elves of Dungeon and the Necromancers of Necropolis. Details as to the purpose of the campaign have been little, but what is known is that it takes place 100 years after the sixth game, leading theories about as to who would return to take a starring role in the dark regions of the world.

With dozen of artifacts, abilities, mounts, town sets and heroes for both single player and multiplayer, this will be a great addition for long term fans of the series.

But what if you aren’t a long term fan? What if you just wanted to see what turn based strategy games were like? What if you didn’t want to play as a crummy Drizzt clone or some cthulhu cultist wannabe, and you just wanted XCOM with wizards?

Ubisoft fortunately seems to have you covered, as they are also releasing Might and Magic Heroes VI: The Complete Edition on the very same day.

The complete edition will not only be upgraded to the latest patch, eliminating the game of most of its unfortunate bugs, but will also come with all the adventure packs, maps, items, and, naturally, the Shades of Darkness expansion that will be released as well. All the items and expansions will be compatible with each other, so transferring your special dynasty heroes from one to the other will be quick and easy.

Still not convinced? Think maybe something close to 40 hours of single player gameplay isn’t enough for you, but don’t want to go make friends? Fine. That’s cool too. Get online, and download one of the many, many mods fans of the games have made over the years of its release. Or create your own content, and share it with your friends (and enemies).

Need more convincing? It’s on Steam, what more do you want?

This is what you are missing

Shades of Darkness will be released on Steam and Uplay for £19.99 on Thursday, May 2nd. Prices may vary from other outlets.

Images from might-and-magic.ubi.com

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