Dark Solstice

Old School Roleplaying graphical MUD with modern gameplay elements and business model.

One game that I think is worth mentioning here is Dark Solstice by Black Masque. 

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This game promises to be a great story driven and player roleplaying environment.  Many think of The Realm when they look at this game and it has attracted a number of former players of that game for its similarities. 

Currently in closed alpha testing, this game is still being actively worked on and is being done by an independent team meaning no dilution due to publisher demands.  Its first Kickstarter campaign was not a success, so we cannot expect fast development, but it might be worth checking in on it’s forums from time to time.

There is a Facebook page where this game can be followed, and currently it has a contest that will soon come to a close once a few more people follow it.

The Kickstarter page has a video that was put together showing various elements of the game.

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