Dark Souls 2 Classes and Gameplay Footage

Dark Souls 2 shows off some starting classes including the new Sorcerer and the Dual Swordsman.

Dark Souls 2 shows off some starting classes including the new Sorcerer and the Dual Swordsman.

Ah yes, Dark Souls 2. I foresee myself screaming at you and hating myself until I find the best possible gear you possess.

The second installment of the Dark Souls series features some new classes as well as some old. Videos released on Famitsu.com demonstrate some gameplay footage of what these classes have to offer: Warrior, Temple Knight, Sorcerer and Dual Swordsman.

The Warrior can use tons of different weapons, armor, and shields to adapt to any melee combat need. Get physical and lay down the hurt. The two slots left of the estus flask location are for different arrow/bolt types.

A Temple Knight is similar to the Warrior, but has high health and can take a beating. Don’t be too afraid to take a few hits when you cut down your foes. Starts with a royal-like robe and eagle helm, miracles, may start with halberd but this is unconfirmed.

The Sorcerer wields powerful magics, which result in fire balls and massive blasts of power. You might be fragile, but your range and special abilities will carry you through. The magic energy sword from the video seems to run off the catalyst and isn’t like the Magic Weapon spells from Dark Souls.

A Dual Swordsman relies on speed and dodging in order to fight. Wait for the right moment and strike with tons of damage. While dual wielding, the traditional mechanic of two handing your primary weapon is replaced by a new power stance mechanic.

These are just 4 classes for Dark Souls 2, and we’ll have to wait to see the rest. During E3 developers revealed that certain changes were made to classes: Instead of choosing a pre-determined canned starting class, the game will analyze your stat allocation and later suggest a class based on your trajectory. This is a really neat feature and will allow players a more fluid gameplay experience.

Being given suggestions on classes may end up taking away from some of the freedom of Dark Souls, but starting classes don’t actually have too much impact over the full game – starting class is really just a package of neat perks. Besides, it is just a suggestion based on stats, not a hard-set class assignment.

Dark Souls 2 will release in March of 2014.

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