Dark Souls 2 Confirmed for Xbox One

Dark Souls 2 confirmed for Xbox One.

Dark Souls 2 confirmed for Xbox One.
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We have not heard much about Dark Souls 2 regarding what systems it will be available on.  Assumptions aside, we have confirmation now that the game will, in fact, be available on the upcoming Xbox One.

The trailer shown with this confirmation gives us more in-game footage than we have had previously, focusing largely on the action that has defined the Dark Souls franchise, though not necessarily showing the absurd difficulty that has been so central to the experience previously.

What possible improvements to the Dark Souls experience Xbox One specifically might bring to the table were not addressed, but the inclusion of the game in Microsoft’s upcoming library is not unexpected.

The main question remaining specifically regarding the title on Xbox One is if the console will apply its multi-media approach and voice/gesture controls to the game itself.  While such could definitely provide an entirely unique experience, the actual application of such would determine whether it would be an overall positive change or just a gimic.

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