Dark Souls 2, Design a Shield!

From Software and Namco Bandai hold a Design a shield contest!

From Software and Namco Bandai hold a Design a shield contest!

Got a shield, Give a shield!

The makers of Dark Souls 2 are currently holding an awesome contest to design a shield for Dark Souls 2! The contest is currently only available in Japan, but we can always hope that they hold another one here in America. Given the popularity of the series, I think it’s very possible. I still remember PC gamers clamoring for Dark Souls to be ported to PC, and rumor has it that the PC will be the proprietary console for development for this long awaited Sequel.

I can’t wait to see a lot of fan entries for customized shield. The armor design in the games has always been really nice. Some the shields from Dark Souls and Demon Souls always looked really cool. My two favorite shields are the Grass Crest Shield and the Kite Shield, from Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls, respectively.

The Grass Crest Shield, my favorite from Dark Souls. Simple, yet elegant.

The Souls games have always had a nice balance of realistic, simple armor and weapons, and crazy over-the-top ones as well. I just hope From and Namco Bandai keep to this trend, considering how “create your own item” contests can go a bit overboard in the wacky department.

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