A new mod for Dark Souls lets you play as the powerful bosses instead of the weak little hero.

Dark Souls Mod Will Let You Play as the Gigantic Bosses

A new mod for Dark Souls lets you play as the powerful bosses instead of the weak little hero.

The struggle of putting in an endless amount of hours into beating the bosses of Dark Souls is a mix of pure frustration coupled with bitter feelings of disappointment. Playing as the hero in Dark Souls is tough, because you feel so weak compared to everything else that is looking to kill you (and could in a matter of seconds). But now the tables have turned with a new mod out that gives you the opportunity to join “the dark side” and play as one of the game’s grueling bosses. You can vent your anger by crushing everything with your bare feet. 

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The new mod created by DaTeHaCK’s lets you control the bosses throughout the game, as it takes the place of your usual protagonist. Using the new boss you choose, you get to go fight other giant monsters, creating scenes that are similar to something you would see in Godzilla

Playing through Dark Souls as the gigantic Ceaseless Discharge offers a totally new experience than before. Now instead of tears rolling down as you figure out how to beat Manus, you can literally obliterate everything that stands in your way. Instead of you cowering in fear, other monsters run away from you.

There has not been a release date for the mod yet, although there have been some videos showing what the mod is capable of. With that said, maybe crushing everything in your path will help with forgetting all those miserable hours spent on the “You Died” screen.

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