Dark Storm: Ascension is a Metal Gear inspired Kickstarter

Help kickstart Dark Storm: Ascension, a Metal Gear inspired game coming to Steam.

Help kickstart Dark Storm: Ascension, a Metal Gear inspired game coming to Steam.
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Indie game developer Fenrir Studios are looking to kickstart their Metal Gear/ Deus Ex inspired game: Dark Storm: Ascension. They have a goal of $50K; they have already raised $2,048 with 27 days to go. Dark Storm will be a stealth action game set in a sci-fi universe. 

Fenrir Studios is a San Francisco based indie game developer, Dark Storm is the first project for the team. Started in 2013 by Robert Smith and Javonni Ortiz, they originally set a goal to make a mentally challenging game with aspects of action, skill, and tactical stealth. The game will have developers that worked on games such as League of Legends, Planet Side 2, Guild Wars, Dead Island: Epidemic, and World of Warcraft to name few. 

The game is going to run on Unreal Engine 4 and feature a female protagonist, Amber Kingsley. It will take place in 2034, with the east and west on the break of another world war. The game will feature the following features: 

  • Drone deployed map
  • An AI support 
  • Full voice-overs
  • Switch between full first-person or dynamic third-person camera views 
  • An original and immersive narrative
  • Dynamic Destruction 

If you’re a Metal Gear or Deus Ex fan, than you will feel right at home with Dark Storm. The game beautifully blends the sci-fi universe feel of Deus Ex with the espionage tactics of Metal Gear. The game enables players to switch Amber between first and third person as she creeps and stalks her targets. Performing silent take downs similar to Solid Snake. Also you’ll be able to use the environment to your advantage, taking cover behind crates and looming in the shadows. 


 The sci-fi setting also seems to draw heavily from Deus Ex. Concept art of game shows clean and crisp futuristic buildings while also having dirty and old docks and alleys. Dark Storm is building a thriving world that urges for exploration like Deus Ex





With the help of Kickstarter, Dark Storm is looking to become the next big game in stealth espionage. 

To find out more about Dark Storm’s crowdfunding attempt, check out their Kickstarter page.

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