Darkest Dungeon 2 Update Brings Back the Collector

The fan favorite mini boss returns in the Chirurgeon's Table update.

Image via Red Hook Studios

The first major update for Darkest Dungeon 2 is here. The Chirurgeon’s Table includes themed content, new enemies and locations, as well as frequently requested gameplay changes. This is what the new content brings to the table in DD2.

The largest addition to the game comes in the form of new enemies. The Gaunt Chirurgeon is finally in game after being announced earlier in the year. Designed with superfan Sam through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, you’ll be able to face him in his new lair, The Chirurgeon’s Table. Unique loot can be acquired from defeating him and his location can appear in any region during any run.

Along with the Gaunt Chirurgeon, there are multiple new Champions to test your mettle against. These elite enemies will challenge you as you make your way to the mountain. These Champions include the Champion Skiver and Champion Knight, who may very well end your runs.

While there are new enemies, we can’t forget about fan favorite The Collector. The original game mini-boss is back and ready to take heads. It wasn’t revealed how you can encounter him, but I’m sure some unsuspecting soul will lose their life to this cage soon enough.

When it comes to quality of life updates, there’s a plethora of good news. Darkest Dungeon 2 is now playable on Steam Deck. It also features controller support. In addition to that, the Torch and Infernal Flames system has been completely redone, a feature that the dev team at Red Hook Studios has been focused on for some time.

For the full update details, check out the official blog post. For more on DD2, like how to get through various Hero stories or the best strategy to beat Confession bosses, head over to our guide library. We promise the Collector can’t get you there.

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