Darksiders 2 announced for PS4 and information about the highly anticipated next game in the series.

Darksiders 2 comes to PS4, Deathinitive Edition confirmed

Darksiders 2 announced for PS4 and information about the highly anticipated next game in the series.
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Amazon recently released a pre-order page for a Darksiders 2 remake on the PS4, so clearly the Darksiders series is moving up to next-gen consoles. So far, an Xbox One copy has not been confirmed, although it is likely one will surface in time.

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Darksiders 2 was originally released by THQ games in August 2012 and was one of the last releases from THQ before it went bankrupt. It seems that Nordic Games has picked up the franchise and is moving it on to the newest gaming platforms. It is good to see that Nordic Games is following up on their comments last year that they were not giving up on this franchise.

darksiders has always had the dark style that is sometimes grotesque

The HD remastered version seems to have the majority, if not all, of the DLC released for Darksiders 2 included in the game. The Deathinitive version has also been reported to run at a better resolution speed and to have enhancements that give the game better lighting and improved character and environmental graphics.

It seems that this HD remake will be a product of both Nordic Games and Gunfire Games, a company with many employees who had previously worked on the Darksiders series. So this game definitely has all the makings of being a quality remake. Hopefully, with the resurfacing of this game on the newest consoles, a Darksiders 3 game no longer seems impossible.

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